Wayne the Stegosaurus: A Motionpoems Animated Short

The Mill artists adapted the children’s poem “Wayne the Stegosaurus” by Kenn Nesbitt into a delightful animated film for the 5th Season of Motionpoems, a non profit bringing poets and filmmakers together to create short films. Find out more about creating the film from the artists: tmbg.co/0377f
Co-Directors: Aran Quinn, Jeff Dates
3D Lead Aritsts: Rob Petrie, Jeff Dates
Producer: Jason Bartnett
EP: Danielle Amaral



Nobody knows what we do… so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images.
Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn vimeo.com/sxfngrs
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart jameslockehart.com
Script – Paddy Bird insidetheedit.com


Ash thorp – Director / Producer / CG Artist
Anthony Scott Burns – CG Artist
Chris Ford – CG Artist
Colin Thomas – CG Artist
Filipe Carvalho – Art Director / Designer
Franck Deron – Editor
Furio Tedeschi – 3d lead / CG Artist
Gavriil Klimov – CG Artist
Hanno Hagedorn – CG Artist
Kevin Kwok – Web builder
Maciej Kuciara – CG Artist
Michal Misinski – CG Artist / Compositor
Milton Fernandes – CG Artist
Simon Jones – CG Artist – Simulation Artist
Vaughan Ling – CG Artist
Valentin Sorokin – CG Artist
Wedge & Lever – Poster Designer
Juice Studios
Adam Tunikowski – Additional Compositing Artist
Aleksandra Rafalksa – Animation
Jaroslaw Handrysik – Additional rendering artist
Kuba Pietrzak – Sound Design
Michal Misinski – Supervisior
Piotr Bialousz – Additional CG Artist
Tomasz Dyrdula – CG Artist
Tim Tadder – Photographer
Dahlia Snyder – Shoot Producer
Mark Peery – Tim Tadder Assistant
Taylor Abeel – Tim Tadder Assistant
Kevin Joelson – Behind the Scenes Photography
Rebecca Joelson – Behind the Scenes Photography
Natalie Bohlin – Hair and Makeup Artist
Christine “IDiivil” Adams – Talent
Fizah Rahim – Photographer
Rezaliando – Photographer
Our Family and Friends
Bahi JD – Advisor
Kaz Oomori – Cultural Design Consultant
Ryan Hawkins – Additional 3D modeling
Tomasz Dyrdula – CG Artist
Vitaly Bulgarov – 3D asset contributor

CCTV “INK” (Directors Cut)

watch the making-of here: vimeo.com/20410575
red dot award: communication design 2011 – best of the best
German Design Award 2012 – nominated
VDW Award 2010 – Best Animation
Spikes Asia 2010 – Gold for Best Use of Computer Graphics / Special Effects
Adfest 2010 – Silver for Best Visual Effects
New York Festivals 2010 – Television & Film Awards – Gold World Medal
Chinese Element International Creative Award 2010 – Grand Medal
China International Advertising “Great Wall” Festival 2010 – Silver Trophy
Longxi Awards 2010 – Bronze for Best Post Production
Promax | BDA Asia Award 2009 – Gold for Best Animation
Promax | BDA Asia Award 2009 – Gold for Best Out of House Station Image Promo
China Advertising Festival – Gold for Best Advertising of 2009
China Advertising Festival – Gold for Best Public Advertising of 2009
Shooting Award – Gold for Best Advertising of 2009
Shooting Award – Silver for Best Sound Design
Product: TV Commercial
Client: CCTV Bejing
Agency: MMIA Bejing
Production Company: weareflink / Troublemakers.tv
Director: weareflink
Creative Lead: Niko Tziopanos
Producer: Andreas Lampe, James Hagger
Art Direction: Alex Heyer, Martin Hess
CG Artists: Phillip von Preuschen, Alex Heyer, Niko Tziopanos
Additional CG: Timo Schaedel
Compositing: Martin Hess
Ink&Footage: Thore Bornemann, Felix Martens
Motion Capture: MoCapLab
Music & Sound Design: Supreme Music